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The ever increasing First Nations influence

On November 2nd 2010 the federal environment minister Jim Prentice announced that the government had rejected Taseko mines proposed mine in British Columbia, which is one of the largest proposed projects located in one of the hardest hit areas in BC. The day after the announcement the premier of the province stepped down. It is [...]

Traditional knowledge matters

  Canada needs to do more to protect the traditional lands that hold important cultural value for Aboriginal people. The potentially negative natural, social and economic impacts of any proposed project on areas surrounding traditional lands are usually only analyzed at the Environmental Assessment (EA) stage. Moreover, in most cases, EAs never go far enough [...]

Online resources for industry and First Nations in Ontario

With 127 Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) recognized First Nations in Ontario, it is almost certain that the need to consult and accommodate will be an important topic to most mining developments or acquisitions. The goal of this month’s column is twofold — I want to share some information and tools that could be [...]

A large need for education on mining and exploration

Last month, the Waubetek Business Development Corporation hosted its 4th Annual Economic Development Officers’ Conference in Sault Ste. Marie. I was honoured to be selected as a speaker at this conference, which is attended by almost all of the First Nations’ representatives in economic development from across the province.   Waubetek spends a great deal [...]

Cultural awareness and Aboriginal mining relationships

I have a group of friends, also consultants and business owners, and we often talk about our international experiences. A topic that usually comes up is how my ability to speak Spanish has been such a great asset in doing business in South America, and about how many contracts my friends have missed out on [...]

What’s in a name? – The rock that kills

While attending the Canadian Aboriginal Mining Association (CAMA) conference in Saskatoon last November, I took part in an educational expedition organized by the Cree Mineral Exploration Board. The goal of the expedition was to assist a group of trappers from the Mistissini First Nation to get answers to their questions and concerns regarding the mining [...]

Moving Forward – 2009

Aboriginal communities and the mining industry – Moving forward in 2009   What a difference a few months can make! If I had written this article six months ago and attempted to predict the outlook of the mineral resource industry, it probably would have been a much different picture. As we all know, the financials [...]

History repeats itself — lessons learned

Let me begin this article by testing your knowledge of a famous case involving the mining industry and aboriginal communities.   Do you remember the Mica Bay incident — the one where a group of aboriginal leaders, dissatisfied with the federal government’s decision to grant inappropriate mining permits and its disregard to local aboriginal land [...]

Canada’s own Tibet?

During a recent teleconference call with associates in Central America, someone made a comment regarding the imprisonment of aboriginal leaders from Kitchenuh­maykoosib Inninuwug (KI) and how this showed that the government of Canada will go to any length to advance its industrial agenda, even if it means the oppression of aboriginal people. This individual went [...]