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Learning Together 2012 Conference Poster

This year’s Learning Together conference is scheduled for March 29th and 30th, 2012, in
Yellowknife, North West Territories.


§  Only 5% of the Northwest Territories (NWT) has been explored to date

§  Diamonds, gold, lead, zinc, copper, bismuth, tungsten, cobalt, and gemstones have been found in NWT

§  NWT has three diamond mines, one gold mine and one tungsten mine, which account for 5% of Canada’s total mineral production

§  Mineral production value in 2009 was $1.5 billion

§  Exploration expenditures in 2009 totalled $232 million

§  Mining, oil and gas industries have contributed nearly $2 billion to the NWT economy 2007

§  Total capital expenditures for mineral resource development in 2009 accounted for $500 million

§  NWT produces 86% of Canada’s diamonds

§  Combined output of all three diamond mines in NWT amounts to approximately 15% of world diamond production

§  Diamond related activity accounts for 25% of NWT GDP and constitutes the largest export by value from the NWT

§  Aboriginal employment in the NWT diamond mines was 850 employees in 2008, 25% of the total employment in these mines

§  Average weekly earnings for a mining industry worker was $1,350 in 2009

§  The NWT employment rate is 63.5%, while the Canadian average is only 61%. According to the 2010 Canadian Mining Industry Report, this increase in employment is directly linked to employment in the mining sector.

§  Secondary school graduation rates in the NWT have increased from 36% to 56% since the discovery of diamonds in 1991