Learning Together was founded by an Aboriginal leader for Aboriginal people to learn from each other about the mineral industry in a safe, respectful and open process.

Learning Together is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing information on a peer-to-peer basis. Over the years has held conferences in five provinces and six cities.

The corporation is governed under the direction of a Board of Directors consisting of some of Canada’s most prominent Aboriginal leaders.

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The growing number of mineral exploration projects, and the significant development of resources on Aboriginal lands, mean that mining and Aboriginal partners more than ever need to communicate and work with each other.

What we believe in:

The founding principles of our organization have been derived from the experiences, case studies and partnerships with numerous Aboriginal communities actively participating in the industry. Through our conferences we have identified and formulated studies that will assist the industry and the communities to learn from discussions on how to move forward and mutually benefit from the mining industry.  We have also created a strong and long-term conference format that continues to grow and be refined each year.

Our vision:

Simple (yet powerful):

Engage Aboriginal communities and advocate on behalf of Aboriginal Peoples respecting values, building trust and educating as an independent Aboriginal organization.

We believe in the positive economic impact exploration and mining development can bring to Aboriginal communities, so our role is to ensure that all communities across Canada have access to this information from their peers, and to bring communities together to share experiences and best practices.